Shares in Money the game show now on sale

See your pound on stage…

At 0800 this morning, an Initial Public Offering of 10,000 shares in Money the game show was made available to the general public.

Each share costs £1. Maximum ONE share per investor. Shares are available for purchase until end of trading on 13 April 2013. Which is, coincidentally, the last day of the tour for Money the game show.

By buying a share you own absolutely nothing but you will get to vote at the AGM (scheduled for 23 August 2013) on what to do with the money raised from the sale.

To get the full details go here.

To BUY A SHARE go here.

PLEASE NOTE: this is just a game. It’s a game that wants to start a serious conversation about money (What is money? What is it worth? What happens if we stop believing in it?), but a game nonetheless. You won’t *actually* own a share in anything. But we will play the game with utter integrity and everyone will get to vote on what happens to the money at the end and then, we’ll do it. Unless it’s illegal. We won’t do anything illegal.

pic: Simon Kane 

 This scheme is generously supported by Eventbrite who have waived their fees in hosting the share sale for this event