The Holbeck – Leeds

July 13, 2019

Project: The Space Shed

Join us at Slung Low’s new home The Holbeck in Leeds for a day of space+climate inspired fun for all the family.

Saturday 13 July

11am – How To Save the Planet

Inspired by the Apollo Moon Landings, UNSA’s Director of Human Spaceflight Jon Spooner is trying to work out what we can all do to save the planet. Join him and UNSA’s first astronaut Mini Jon as they shoot for the Moon.

1pm – Live from the Space Shed: In Conversation + Workshop with Tony Herrmann of Carbon Conversations

‘Is the Future worth a Conversation?’ This introductory workshop provides a supported safe space to reflect on your attitude and feelings about climate change, and consider potential actions and positive changes you could undertake.

3:30pm – Live from the Space Shed: In Conversation with Dr Milena Buchs

Milena is Associate Professor in Sustainability, Economics and Low Carbon Transitions at the University of Leeds. Milena will be chatting to UNSA’s Director of Human Spaceflight Jon Spooner about what makes it difficult (or easy) for people to reduce their carbon footprints,  how carbon reduction can be done in a socially fair way and how we might (actually) achieve a zero carbon society,

5pm – How I Hacked My Way Into Space

The hilarious and moving story of how UNSA’s Director of Human Spaceflight accidentally set up his own space agency and hacked his way into space.

6pm – Silent Space Shed Disco

Get your ears on a set of Slung Low’s headphones for a silent Space Shed disco with DJ David Allison playing a space inspired set.